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  • "We really didn’t believe we could possibly get the Personal loan we needed given our circumstances, thank you so much for all your hard work" Mr & Mrs M. Habib
  • "With enormous thanks to you for bringing my business back to life" Mr. S. Debeza
What We Do!


What We Do!

At FINSAP Loans, Our loans are the plans that customers make and the potential they have to reach their goals. We’re committed to helping them make that difference to their lives every day through responsible access to credit.
Finsap is a place people without any security can turn to when they need money for:
To build or improve their homes
To start or expand a small business
For agriculture
And even personal emergencies
At Finsap we believe in responsible credit; we therefore make sure that our customers understand the terms of repayment and encourage them to borrow for the right reasons.

Short Term Loan

If you need a quick cash boost then a short term loan is the ideal Finsap loan solution for you. Short term loans can help you to:

  • Pay unexpected bills such as medical bills
  • Pay for a funeral, wedding or family event
  • Pay off debt (debt consolidation)
  • Farming and crop planting

A short term loan repayment plan offers manageable amounts that can be paid over a 1, 3, 6, or 9 month time period.

Medium Term Loan

A Finsap medium term loan offers a larger cash loan that gives you more time to pay back the loan. A short term loan is ideal for smaller amounts, but a medium term loan allows you to repay a bigger amount over 1 to 2 years.
This type of loan can help you to:

  • Pay school fees
  • Purchase farming products
  • Start or grow a business
  • Furnish your home (computer, oven, etc)

If you need to grow your business or make investments that will benefit your family, then this is the right solution for you.

Long Term Loan

A Finsap long term loan allows you to borrow maximum cash amounts that can be repaid over a 3 to 10 years period. Repayment is more affordable to manage as you will have more time to pay back the loan.
If you are looking to make the following investments, then a long term loan is best for you:

  • Buying a car
  • Buying a house
  • Business investment

A professional Finsap agent will be able to advise, assist and guide you through the process of making a long term loan commitment.
At Finsapwe aim to facilitate economic development and social change. Long term loans offer opportunities that can enable positive development in people’s lives.

You can benefit from our knowledge and the experience to make it happen and most important you will benefit from our impressive track record (see testimonials)